About The Farrell Clan

Longphort Uí Fhearghail

We are a proud and stalwart clan of valiant warriors and adventurous wanderers, whose branches reach to the four corners of the earth, and whose lineage links back through time and history, to the green and lustrous land of our beloved Emerald Island of Ireland.

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The Farrell Clan

Longford’s Heritage and Culture Caretakers.

Our Longford based clan have a dedicated core committee, comprised of Farrell family members, relatives and friends.

We meet regularly throughout the year to discuss how best to promote our Farrell Clan activities, celebrate important dates for Clan members, organise mini gatherings, dinners and daytrips, but also just to catch up on local news, events and projects of interest to the clan.

The most important event and project for us and indeed for all of our clan members around the world, is the Farrell Clan Rally.

Held every four years here in Longford this is a five-day gathering of Farrell’s from every corner of the globe, who come together in celebration of our shared ancestral roots.

The rally has been taking place since 1993 so there are many stories to tell and many interesting images to view of those gatherings, right here on the clan website.

If you have stories, images or memorabilia from any of the Longford Clan Gatherings, or indeed any of your visits to Longford, we would be delighted to add them to our archive.

Clan Connections

Our Clan is a long standing, registered member of the (Clans of Ireland) via which we connect, communicate and celebrate with other family clans from around the Island of Ireland.

We manage a dedicated Facebook Group with over four thousand members, a newly established Instagram account and an onsite story blog all of which we are happy to have our members contribute to.

The Farrell’s are a curious and creative people, known for their courage, sense of adventure, enterprising natures, and their love of a good story so we’ve been harvesting the stories of our clan members.

We would love you to contribute to this section by sharing with us your story, either that of your own life, of your family history, something about the place where you live or grew up or anything you think may be of interest or relevance to the International Farrell story as a whole.

The more you engage with us the more vibrant and rewarding our clan family will be for you.

Clan Projects

We currently have several exciting new projects under development including our International Ambassador Programme, an annual Farrell Clan Calendar and our Online Clan Shop.

There are also lots more fun and interesting  ideas coming up as well, so stay connected with us to hear all about those and see how you can become involved.

If you would like to know more about how you can contribute to our annual calendar or newsletter, or if you would like to know more about how you can represent the clan in your community, county or country, we would love to hear from you.

You can connect with our Ambassador Programme Co-ordinator directly in relation to this project.

If you would like to connect with any of our clan officers you can do so by email to the addresses noted in our Connect section of the site.

Get to know your clan officers and your ambassadors. We are here to help you learn about your clan and your country of origin so please do introduce yourself!

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Learn About The Farrells Long Irish History.

The Uí Fhearghail have been associated with County Longford and the Hidden Heartlands region of Ireland for more than 1,000 years.

Come with us as we journey through the history of The Farrell Clan…