Peter Sparling, Ambassador For Canada

My name is Peter Sparling and I am an Ambassador for Canada.

My wife, Brenda and I attended my 1 st Farrell Clan Rally in July 2022 and became instantly intrigued with the Farrell Clan and how its roots have spread all over the world. What was even more interesting for me is the various versions of spelling of Farrell.

My mother’s family spelled their name as Farrell. After returning from Ireland and the Farrell Clan Rally in July of 2022, I became a member of Ancestry Canada to find out more of the family that I am proud to be part of, The Farrell Clan, my Irish roots and my association with County Longford!

My Great Great Grandfather, Edward Farrell immigrated from Ireland into Boston as a bachelor in March of 1834 at the age of 35. His date of birth was listed as April 1 st , 1799. This immigration document also listed as his birthplace as being Rabbit Park, County of Longford, Ireland.

Also located, through Ancestry, was a military record in that Edward Farrell is listed. He was 18 years old when he enlisted in the military. Edward was 5 ft 6 ½ inches tall and had brown hair, fair complexion and hazel eyes when he joined the military. This document also
listed Longford as his birthplace.

Edward met his wife when he was 42 years old in Acadia, which is Nova Scotia or New Brunswick at that time. His wife Sarah was 21 years younger than him and they settled in the Ottawa Valley.

The Ottawa River is the border between the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec. Sarah and Edward had 8 children who settled through the region. Some in Ontario and others in Quebec. Edward established a business that catered to the steam ships that were using the Ottawa River to transport goods and people to the newly developed area of Canada.

Farrell’s Landing and the hotel and wharf was situated at the base of the Chenaux Rapids. Edward passed away on September 6, 1871 and is buried in an area not too far from where I reside in Renfrew, Ontario, Canada.

Edward Farrell’s Gravestone Farrell’s Landing One of Edward’s children was Joshua Farrell, who was born in 1853. Joshua married Ellen Sheppard and they had 8 children as well. Joshua died in 1950 and in buried in the town that I was born in, Shawville Quebec. Joshua was my Great Grandfather.

My Grandfather, Clarence Farrell was born in 1891 and married Eliza Baker. They had 4 children. One of those children, my mother, was Elizabeth (Betty). Clarence passed away in 1967 and is buried beside his dad, Joshua, in Shawville.

My current project that I am working on is tracking down the Farrell connections that are descendants of Edward. The 8 children that he and Sarah raised are the focus of my research to bring together the Canadian Connection of the Farrell Clan!

The exciting thing about the research that I have completed regarding my Farrell connections, is that my Farrell roots are based in County Longford! By attending the Farrell Clan reunion in 2022, I was in the area that my ancestors are from.

My Great Great Grandfather Edward Farrell walked the roads, grew up and lived his early adult life in County Longford! There is so much to learn of the area.

My wife Brenda and I, are looking forward to the next Farrell Clan rally in 2026. It is not only the events that will happen over the week but more importantly the chance to meet other members of the Clan!

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