Clans of Ireland Order of Merit awarded to Chieftain Conal O’Ferrall

The Clans of Ireland Order of Merit is the ultimate accolade that can be conferred by Clans of Ireland and its constituent member clans.

It is an order of merit granted to persons who have influenced Irish culture and heritage to an extraordinary degree or who have brought their Clan remarkable reverence.

All citizens of Ireland and members of the Irish Diaspora, are eligible for consideration as recipients of the Companion Clans of Ireland.
Farrell Clan committee are delighted to announce that the Council of the Order of Merit are to confer the appointment as a Companion of the Clans of Ireland Order of Merit upon Mr. Conal Henry O’Ferrall, Chieftain of Farrell Clan.
In their citation,the Council of The Order of Merit Clans cite:Mr Connie O’Farrell is a worthy recipient due to his passionate involvement in the preservation of Gaelic culture and in particular Farrell Clan.
Under his leadership, actively supported by his wife Rose, the Farrell Clan was officially reinstated in 1991. Connie has been the Chieftain since the clan reinstatement, a period of over 30 years.
Connie has presided over nine International Farrell Clan Rallies. He has always taken an active part in the organisation and implementation of the Rally program. He leads us by example.
Every year in between our official Rallies we have a stream of visitors who come to visit Longford, the ancestral home of the Farrells. Connie and Rose welcome our visitors not only to Longford, but also to their home in Camlisk.

There are Farrells worldwide and Connie has represented The Farrell Clan with distinction both in Ireland and abroad.


A large delegation came from Mexico to the first International Farrell Clan Rally in 1993. In August 1995 Connie led a group of Farrells on a visit to Puebla in Mexico. Undoubtedly, the highlight of the visit was when Connie laid the foundation stone, brought all the way from Camlisk, of a castle to be modelled on the ancient O’Farrell stronghold.This has created a permanent, distinctive link to the heritage and culture of Ireland in Mexico City.


Connie and Rose have given sterling service to our Clan; without their dedication we may not have survived for so long. At the young age of 90, Connie still turns out to committee meetings on dark winter evenings and still contributes enthusiastically to our plans for our next Rally in 2026.


At our next International Clan Rally in 2026 Connie will hand on the rod of office to his daughter, Charlotte.

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