Farrell Clan Ambassador Programme

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One of our ideas for the development of the clan activities and the strengthening of our ties with Farrell Diaspora is our Ambassador Programme.

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The Farrell Clan Ambassador Program

About the Ambassador Programme.

We want to make connections with Farrell people in as many countries around the world as possible so we can trace where our Farrells are, what they are up to and what kind of history the Clans have in those countries.

Our hope is that by having dedicated Farrell Ambassadors we will be able to connect more efficiently and co-ordinate our activities across countries – A Farrell Clan without barriers, borders or boundaries.

A Farrell Clan connected by history, heritage, Family and People.

If you would like to act as an Ambassador for your country, please connect with our own Ambassador & Programme Co Ordinator Robert Farrell by email on this LINK

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Represent The Farrells in Your Country

Remember, we are a one of the smallest counties in Ireland, located in the Hidden Heartlands of Ireland, with some of the friendliest of people you are likely to meet on your travels.

We want to connect in whatever way works best for everyone and feel this is the best way to do so. We are Heritage and Culture Caretakers rather than taskmasters.

You will find love and friendship here with or without the title of Ambassador but if you have skills you’d like to put to good use in this area.

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Farrell Clan Ambassadors

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