Angela Farrell, Ambassador for Warrington, England

My name is Angela Farrell and I am an Ambassador for Warrington, England.

I was born and brought up in Warrington.
I have 3 daughters and 8 grandsons. I have one brother Paul who has 4 sons and a daughter and he has 6 grandsons and a grandaughter. So, we have lots of boys in our lives!

We are hoping that we will be able to encourage some of the younger generation to come to the next Clan Rally so that we can pass the Farrell Clan connection to them.


Angela and her eight grandsons.

After I got divorced I went back to using my maiden name, Farrell, which happened to be just before the Clan Rally of  2018.
I first started researching after my uncle discovered that his mum’s family were actually from Gibraltar and not Kilkenny!
At first I researched with my late dad’s 2 brothers, George and Bill, along with my cousins. Our research included a visit to Ireland each Easter. Our first clan gathering was in 2004 when we met with another branch of our family who I had found in Wales and contacted through  my research. There were about 23 of us that time.
My favourite finding during my research, was the death record of my great great grandfather John Farrel in Monivea Galway 1877, the cause is listed as
” Suddenly, by visitation from God”
Sadly, our immediate branch has only one older Farrell left. Our aunt Win, 86, my dad’s sister.
As well as genealogy, I like to spend time with friends and family, riding my trike, reading, swimming, I love animals and most of my Facebook feed is missing pets or pets needing homes!

I am a full time carer for my mum, so don’t actually get away as much as I would like as I have to be around 24/7 . I have a good group of friends and I host supper club events each month. We celebrate anything and everything …… Passover, Thanksgiving, St Patrick’s Day, or we have themed nights like 70s, Turkish, cheese and wine!

I enjoy live music of any type and so far this year I have already booked 2 local day festivals, Noel Gallagher , and also a live show of music from the Commitments.

Angela with cousins Ste and Lynn at the 2018 Gala Dinner.

As cousins, us Farrells here in Warrington are quite close, most still local but we do keep in touch. This means that our children who are second cousins, know each other,  some were at the same schools. Even the youngest of the family, third cousins, occasionally see each other.
Angela Farrell Farrell Clan Ambassador Warrington England

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