Ambassador Maria Cecilia Lovisolo Farrell Buenos Aires, Argentina

Maria Cecilia Lovisolo Farrell pictured first from left with visitors from Argentina and members of Longford Pipe Band after the Parade in 2018

I am Maria Cecilia Lovisolo Farrell.  I born in La Lucila, Buenos Aires, Argentina, at home 1 month before my expected delivery day, on Monday, 5th December 1960.

I studied  at a primary bilingual school.  For Secondary school I went to the commercial school. I graduted as a Spiritual companion and in 2021 as a Ontologich Coach.

I’m in relationship with Ricardo. I have 2 sons, Alfredo and Benjamin, they are married to Sofia and Merlina. I have 2 granddaughters, Antonia (5 years) and Alfonsina (4 years ), and we are expecting   our 3rd grandchild ,  Renata , in July.

Our Farrell roots come for my great grandfather  Bernard Farrell who left Carrickedmond with his  two sisters to Argentina in 1867 . The sisters returned to Ireland and died at some place in County Longford . Bernand got  married to Margarita Farrell  at Buenos Aires and had 5 children , Francisco (my grand parent) Bernardo, Catalina, Pedro and Marcelina.

My mother , Sheila Farrell Ryan, always told us about Ireland, its traditions,  the history, all about our roots and that made me feel very, very Irish.

During the 80’S ,  Kevin Farrell,  one of my mums cousins went to Longford to find our relatives.  He met Hugh Farrell  and he brought him around South longford were he found graves of his relatives and some living relatives.

After that,  mum contacted the Irish Embassy in Buenos Aires an due to this a delegation contacted Robert Farrell from Longford and went to visit county Longford.  This was the beginning of the relationship with Argentina and Longford.

Mom went to 4  Farrell Clan Rallies, and she was the first Argentinian to became a member of the clan.

Mom was able to experience Ireland as an adult . She went to  Longford for the first rally of the clan in 1993 , and  after visiting Longford she always told us (my brother, my sister and me) that she wanted to go and live there. I didn’t understand her till 2016 when I was lucky to be able to travel and experience Ireland, and as soon as I set one foot in Longford I felt at home so I understood her feelings.

Then in July 2018 I was able to join the Silver Jubilee International Farrell Clan Rally with my sister and her family and become a member of the Farrell Clan too.  At that time I was interviewed by  the local newspaper at Longford and hopefully I will join next rally on July 2022.

My wish as an international ambassador for the clan is to transmit to the Farrell´s in my country the same thing that my mother transmitted to us and that they too feel their roots as I feel, and  join the Clan as I did.

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