Ambassador Susan Farrall Maryland, USA

Ambassador Susan Farrall pictured here with Mark O’Ferrall, son of Chieftain Connie, in Corlea Trackway Visitor Centre in 2018


I came to the Farrell Clan Rally in July 2018 with 9 family members, ages 17 to 82. We are  Farralls (with an “A”) from Southern Maryland in the United States. It was a wonderful trip. I was the one who was most interested in the history and the history is fascinating. My family shows DNA connections with Farrells in Virginia and in Nova Scotia. For the rest of my family, it was a real adventure, because for some it was the first trip out of the USA.

I was really glad to meet the other Farrells. They are so nice and kind-hearted. I really hope we are genetically related to them. Robert, Kathleen, John-Christopher, Hugh: Newly- found cousins, who showed us the greatest hospitality and welcome.

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