Jim Farrell & Cathy Zagame Farrell, Ambassadors for Texas, USA

Our names are Jim Farrell & Cathy ZagameFarrell and we are Ambassadors for Texas, USA.


Jim Farrell was born in Brooklyn and is one of 12 children. Two of his siblings (Bill and Loretta) have passed. His dad owned a bar in Brooklyn (Farrell’s Bay Ridge Dining Room & Bar). Jim joined the U S Navy and flew as an aircrewman on Navy P 2 V -7 patrol planes. He was hired by Pan Am World Airways after military service and subsequently worked for 5 airlines.

It’s all in his book, “Up. Up and Gone” James “Jim” Farrell ..Xlibris Publishing , that he wrote in 2017. He and Cathy can’t wait to see old friends once again in Longford next summer and. hopefully, many MORE friends who will came to the Farrell Clan rally in July of ’22!


Cathy, was born in Brooklyn NY but moved with her family up to an onion farm as a baby in  Upstate NY (Oswego, NY.) in ’44. She was one of 7 children. Came down to Brooklyn in ’61 during Christmas break to visit relatives. Here she met Jim Farrell who lived up the street from her relatives. They married 3 years later (Jim didn’t like onions but Cathy changed his mind after they married!).

Cathy worked as an executive secretary prior to marriage for Alcan Aluminum Company in Oswego. Jim and Cathy settled in Long Island, NY after marriage and moved to Houston, Texas in ’79. They currently still live in Texas and have three children….all girls. They have no grand kids as yet. Cathy and Jim visited Ireland in ’69 and returned after 49 years to the Farrell Clan Rally in 2018 in Longford. They heard about it through the internet! They had a delightful time and can’t wait to return next summer for the 2022 Farrell Clan Rally in Longford.

Cathy Zagame Farrell & Jim Farrell, Farrell Clan Ambassadors from Texas USA

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