Pam & Everett Farrell, Ambassadors for Canada

Our names are Pat Everett Farrell and we are ambassador for Canada.

Everett was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and grew up in Amherst, Nova Scotia. He joined the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1966 working in radar and Avionics.

Pam was born in British Columbia, Canada. Her father was in the Royal Canadian Air Force and lived in Manitoba, France and Ontario.

We met in Ottawa and were married in 1970. We lived in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Germany for four years with the NATO AWACS near the Holland and Belgium borders, and Ontario where he retired in 1994. We spend winters in Florida…except last year, of course.

We have three daughters and three grandchildren.

During the last Rally, Everett carried the Canadian flag in the parade, talked on the radio telling his story and we both had pictures in the local Longford newspaper.

We met wonderful Farrells from all over the world and look forward to seeing everyone again next summer.

Pan & Everett Farrell, Farrell Clan Ambassadors from Canada

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