It’s a Small World

Extracted from the Newsletter No.1 November 1993.

It’s A Small World

Delegates travelled from all over the world to attend the  first International Farrell Clan Rally in 1993. Perhaps Jacob O’Farreli made the longest journey coming ail !he way from Pretoria in South Africa.

Jacob who is currently doing research for a book was particularly interested in the history of the clan and promised to return to Longford next year. Zimbabwe was represented by Marilyn Lucas and she brought with her a beautiful painting entitled “The Return• which was painted by her mother Josephine O’Farrell who is an acclaimed artist in her country.

The Farrell Clan is well organised in Canada holding their first gathering at St. Malachy, Quebec in july 1992. Patricia 0’Farrell Taylor spoke on behalf of the Canadian 0’Farrells on arrival al Shannon Airport. Despite the handicap of crutches Patricia succeeded in participating in all the tours and functions and always managed to wear a smile.

For a time Sheila Farrell was the lone representative of Argentina, but by the night of the Banquet, the south American delegation had increased by five hundred per cent. The committee send best wishes to Desmond Farrell of Buenos Aires had done tremendous work promoting the rally but who was unable to attend due to ill health.

As expected many delegates travelled from Engalnd. One of the first to arrive was Ted from Bury whose easy manner and drole witticisms attracted the attention of all. Paschal 0’Farrell who is an artist in London and his wife Marianne brought with them some beautiful paintings and presented one hundred lithographs to the Farrell comrnittee. England was also represented with visitors from Cheshire, Nottingham, Birmingham, Little Hampton, Leeds and Kent to name but a few.

Needless to say all parts lo Ireland North and South were represented with a particularly large delegation travelling from Dublin.

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