Jasmine Buckley Assistant Secretary

My name is Jasmine Buckley. I am the Assistant Secretary for The Farrell Clan Committee.

I have been a part of the Farrell Clan since 2018. I am the granddaughter of Kathleen Buckley Farrell and have been roped into the Farrell Clan since she joined, along with the help of Robert.

When I was 16 years old  I played my fiddle at the official opening of the Farrell Clan Exhibition. I also had the honour to play “The Rising of the Moon”, the official Farrell anthem on my fiddle, as Sean O’Fearghail, Ceann Comhairle and our guest of honour, made his entrance to the banquet at the 2018 Rally.

I have performed Irish traditional music during the official Farrell Clan Rally on many occasions to entertain guests and for them to experience a taste of Irish music during their stay.

I helped in the registration office during the Farrell Clan Rally in 2022 and made sure to make everyone feel welcome.

Since then, I have been involved in attending AGM meetings with my grandparents and was nominated as the assistant secretary at the AGM in 2023.

I have just launched the Farrell Clan official Instagram page!

I may not have the surname “Farrell” however, I have felt very welcomed and accepted into this community very quickly and have become an official member of the Clan.

I studied music and psychology in my undergraduate studies in Maynooth University. I am currently a PhD student in the Psychology Department in the University.

My research will focus on the narrative and language media uses when presenting climate change news, and how it may affect people’s perspectives on the subject!

I have been balancing my studies along with being an active member in this clan. I enjoy getting to know new people and hope to contribute more to this community.

I am a nature enthusiast and very interested in climate change. I love reading and baking and am a huge Peaky Blinders fan!

I am extremely passionate about all thing’s music! My favourite genre is Metal!


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