Pat Farrell Ambassador Liaison Officer

My name is Pat Farrell from Cork City in Ireland. I was born in a townland called Clenor near Doneraile in County Cork. My interest in the Farrell family history started about 8 years ago.

Doneraile town itself would have been famous as the seat of Lord Doneraile. Doneraile Estate and is now in public ownership and is open to the public. Doneraile Court is the stunning centrepiece of one of Ireland’s most beautiful estates.

Located on the banks of the Awbeg river in North Co. Cork, the house dates from the 1720s, when it was built by Arthur St. Leger, the first Viscount of Doneraile and father of the renowned Lady Freemason Elizabeth Aldworth. The grounds are beautiful with its own herds of red deer, fallow deer and sika deer.

Also the horse race known as The Steeplechase originated in 1752 as a result of a race between the church steeples of the town of Doneraile and neighbouring Buttevant town.

Around the late 1700’s we think a cluster of Farrell families settled in the area. They worked as farmers and farmed across a number of the townlands of Clenor, Kilcanway and Killuragh. Their main burial ground is the small old graveyard at Monanimy on the outskirts of Killavullen village and on the banks of the Blackwater River.

Although we have no records to support the origins of the family it was understood that two brothers who were stonemasons came to the area from Longford to work on some of the big houses and estates. I recently did my YDNA and submitted the results into the ‘Farrell project’ and it places my family origins firmly in the Longford Farrell branch.

During my research I found at least 2 other Farrell clusters in County Cork (Dunmanway and Youghal) but have found no direct link to my branch.

In 2018, before I had ever done my DNA, I attended the opening night of the Farrell rally in Longford for the first time and had the audacity to carry the Irish flag leading the parade through the town. I returned to the 2022 Rally and enjoyed the full weeks fare.

I knew from the start that I was among friends and family.

I joined the Farrell Clan committee in 2022 and at present serve as their Joint International Ambassador Liaison Officer with Mary Farrell (Byrne).

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