Kathleen Buckley Farrell Secretary

I have been involved in The Farrell Clan since I met Robert. No choice really, it’s a way of life in our house! I am Secretary since 2018.  Here in Ireland if you mention The Real Taoiseach, everyone knows who you are talking about and so it is with me and being Secretary to The Farrell Clan. I still think Nuala is the real Secretary! Nuala did the job for many years when it involved pen and paper and trips to the Post Office to communicate with people.

I took on the job knowing that there was a rock-solid foundation of procedures and protocols that she had put in place, and sure that Nuala was there to help if need be.

I have been teaching all my life. I can safely say one way or another I have gone to school everyday since I was 5 and thankfully, I still love it! I teach English and Geography. I am very involved in our Green Schools Committee and encourage students to be mindful of their environment. I also keep Robert on his toes at Organic Farming.

I do not have one single memory that stands out, but Registration Day is always very special. You wait in anticipation for the return of old friends and you meet new people who immediately become friends. And then in the evening there is the Civic Reception and The Clan Parade through the town. It all just falls into place.

A Farrell who is travelling from Dublin to Cork and happened to hear about the Rally finds himself the proud bearer of our National flag leading the parade through the town. Flags from other Nations are distributed to visitors who are proud to represent their part of the World. Traffic stops. Time stops. And for one short moment one small group of people follow the Pipe Band through a little provincial town in the footsteps of their ancestors.It becomes a momentous occasion.

And you just know that the friendship and pride and camaraderie will not just last long into the future, but it also stretches far into the past.

My hope is that the Farrell Clan will continue to grow in the modern world and that we will be able to attract younger members of The Clan in Ireland and Worldwide to become involved.

Kathleen Farrell Buckley

Clan Social

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